Regardless of whether your bag is made of leather, canvas or nylon, with a few tricks and the right storage it remains as beautiful as on the first day.

Here are some tips on care and cleaning of your bags and small leather goods.




Leather bags are optimally stored in an air-permeable cotton bag which protects against sunlight. To maintain the shape of the bag during prolonged storage, it can be slightly filled with soft tissue paper or air cushions.

For detailed care and cleaning instructions refer to the respective leather and processing types. If available, refer to the care instructions attached to the product. Cleaning tests should be made on a small inconspicuous area of your bag first. Under no circumstances should leather be treated with solvents such as benzine or nail polish remover, nor should it be dried at high heat. Please also do not clean the leather with water, soap, shoe polish or staining cosmetic products.

To protect your bag against moisture and dirt, a nano-impregnation spray which is suitable for both smooth leather as well as suede is recommended. In case your leather bag gets wet, let it dry at room temperature.





Synthetic materials are primarily used for synthetic leather bags.

Usually these materials are very durable and weatherproof. Dust and dirt can be removed with water and a soft cloth.

Do not use aggressive detergents or dissolvents. Light dirt can be removed by hand wash. Avoid abrasion as a result of scrubbing and do not use rough objects such as brushes.

Polyester bags should be cleaned dry.



Natural Materials


Natural materials are made of plant or animal textile fibers. Vegetable fibers are processed in cotton, linen and raffia, while animal fibers can be found as fur or in form of wool in tweed for example.

For proper cleaning refer to the care instructions attached on the product.

For bags made of natural materials, a dry and clean storage place and a soft filling with tissue paper or air cushions is recommended.